During the Covid pandemic of 2020 when orthopedic surgeons were considered nonessential and no surgeons were performing knee surgeries at the time, we had multiple patients who were scheduled to receive knee surgery, but could not. One, in particular, dealt with chronic knee pain, daily, nagging, achy pain that was worse with walking up and down the stairs, squatting down to grab something off of the floor, kneeling down to tie shoes, and walking for a prolonged period of time. He was desperate for pain relief. As a result of being unable to receive his knee surgery during this time, he still had his pain and he was fortunate to find our office, come in and experience the TRT (Tissue Regenerative Technology) machine and was able to obtain significant pain relief. The relief was so great and the improvement in his ability to walk and function gave him confidence, which allowed him to take his name off of the surgical list because the result was so powerful and life-changing!

Did you know that in 2017 there were almost 1,000,000 knee replacement surgeries done in the US? And it looks like this number will continue to rise. For those individuals that received this surgery, they got to a point where the pain of walking and functioning was so unbearable that any possibility of providing pain relief would have been worth it. Even if it meant meeting a $10,000 deductible or going through the agonizing recovery and rehab along with a long time before being able to be fully functioning post-surgery. They just wanted pain relief and the ability to walk again! And who wouldn’t want that?

Did you know that total knee replacement surgery is not the only option for helping chronic knee pain? Did you know that there are other wonderful options that many people don’t know about? One of those options that has proven to be highly effective at helping address chronic knee pain is a technology called Softwave Tissue Regenerative Technology. This technology is not new. In fact, it has been around for close to 20 years, and it has been used on several elite athletes and professional teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Cubs, Brooklyn Nets, and more. Fortunately, this technology is not only exclusive to the rich and famous but is available to anyone in our communities.

The way it works is it uses a powerful energetic signal via an applicator over the skin with gel and the signal that enters the body is Heat, Electromagnetic Shock, Acoustic Waves, and Light. This signal helps to decrease inflammation and pain, increase good blood flow and circulation and it naturally signals the body to create Stem Cells to come and repair and regenerate the damaged tissue. (Check out a more in-depth explanation of this treatment and witness for yourself me delivering the treatment to my hand and fingers!).

At True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center we were one of the pioneers here in Utah, one of the first clinics to invest in this technology. This has given so many people an opportunity to obtain relief from chronic knee pain when they thought there was no hope.

Chronic pain does not have to be your reality! Call our office today to set up an appointment for your TRT screening and treatment. Mention this article and you will receive a discount on your first visit for only $99 – normally the treatment is $150. This offer includes a consultation, a diagnostic check to be certain about how to make the most of your treatment, and recommendations going forward. Plan on spending 30 minutes with the doctor.

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