Nutrition? From a Chiropractor?

Absolutely. Our chiropractors are experts in skeletal adjustments and muscular activation, and wellness includes factors beyond bone alignment. We understand the crucial role nutrition plays in a person’s mood, energy, and health, which is why Dr. Knight serves as a nutritional therapist as well as a chiropractor. We are passionate about giving our clients the right tools to lead their happiest, healthiest lives.

What to Expect

Prior to your visit, you will complete a general intake form, an extensive nutritional assessment questionnaire, and report on any food sensitivities or allergies you have. Dr. Knight will ask in-depth questions about your history during your first visit. Next, Dr. Knight will apply pressure to various reflex points along your torso and abdomen, noting which areas (organs) feel tender. With your specific nutrient deficiencies in mind, we create a nutrition plan to expedite healing.

Benefits of Nutritional Therapy


More and more people are coming to understand that so many of the health problems that plague them result from poor nutrition. Your body was not designed to thrive off of the highly processed diet so prevalent in the United States today.

Food enzymes are a natural part of our food supply, but as we increase the shelf-life of the food we eat (necessarily so, at times), important enzymes are systematically removed. In order for the body to achieve optimal health, these enzymes must be replaced.

Why? Enzymes are like the construction workers within the body where the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals are like the building materials. Enzymes help these “materials” actually do what they were intended to do!

As a nutritional therapist, Dr. Knight will help you replace the enzymes in your diet that your body needs. Ultimately, proper nutrition combined with Dr. Knight’s other specialties, namely Hypothalamus Reset Technique (HRT), Neurological Integration System (NIS), Neurofeedback or AMIT/Muscle Activation, will restore balance and help you heal.



Schedule your appointment today to see how Dr. Knight’s effective chiropractic services combined with proper nutrition can help you feel well again!