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We strive to find solutions for even the most difficult body challenges, often stepping in where other health providers have left off.

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Our Goal

We believe that everyone should hold the keys to a healthier life. That’s why our goal is to both eliminate your acute and chronic pain and educate you on what you can do to experience maximum health and wellness-starting today!

Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Our staff helps athletes and sports enthusiasts of all levels boost and improve their performance to increase their range of motion and help prevent injuries. Let us restore your body’s natural balance and correct imbalances.

Feel Better with Nutrition

Chronic conditions can often be overcome through nutrition. Enzymes are the construction workers within the body. Food enzymes are a natural part of our healthy bodies. Find out how enzyme supplementation can help you heal and achieve optimal health.

Live Pain Free

Nobody should live each day with chronic or episodic pain. True North wants to help you live pain-free through noninvasive pain relief chiropractic treatments to help your body express its natural healing abilities.

Restore Optimum Function

As certified NIS practitioners, we can find parts of the body disconnected from the brain. Once the disconnect is identified, we begin the process that allows the brain to make corrections and allow the body to optimum function.

Remove Toxins to Enhance Health

Our bodies can be heavily affected by toxins from over-processed foods, heavy metals, environmental toxins, industrial toxins, mold, and more. True North’s detoxification services work to remove these toxins and help promote gut health and overall wellness.

Support Your Immune System

True North Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers Homeoprophylaxis, an alternative solution to traditional immunizations, which helps to support your immune system and fight against infectious diseases in both children and adults.

What makes True North Chiropractic different?


True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center specializes in treating chronic joint and muscle pain through Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. With this technique, your body’s system is essentially “rebooted” making communication between the brain and muscles clear and precise. Dr. Knight and Dr. Wells are two of the practitioners in the state of Utah that can perform this technique, allowing them to do more for their clients than other chiropractors.

In addition to offering traditional chiropractic services that focus on pain elimination and athletic performance optimization, True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center offers unique and extraordinary services not commonly found elsewhere. We strive to provide solutions to help improve nervous system and brain performance, gut health, and nutrition, to increase your daily energy, balance, and overall experience. Whether you are facing Chronic Pain, Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Disorders, or other health issues, find hope in our proven treatments and wellness plans.

Continually Striving for Happy Clients


Our purpose is to provide our patients hope and peace of mind to allow them to live a pain-free and confident lifestyle. We want to educate and empower our patients to take back their own health and pursue a happier, healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic’s are our way of striving for client-optimized health. Chiropractic focuses on creating the most optimal expression of life and health to create the best possible version of ourselves.

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