What is a Hypothalamus and What Does It Do?

The Hypothalamus is a part of the brain and provides the primary link between the endocrine system (hormone production) and the nervous system (the body’s command center). The hypothalamus receives information about the state of your body, then reacts and responds to that information in an attempt to maintain homeostasis. In other words, the hypothalamus is tasked with the important function of providing balance for your mind and physical body. 

The hypothalamus is like a “smart” control center in your brain. Some of the most basic functions regulated by the hypothalamus include blood pressure, thirst, hunger, sleep, body temperature, mood, and even sex drive. The hypothalamus attempts to achieve balance through the nervous and endocrine systems. It does this either by directly controlling the autonomic nervous system or adjusting the levels of hormones in the body. As you can imagine, this little part of the brain plays a very important role. 

How Can Chance Hypothalamic Reset Technique™ Help?

Chance HRT™ is a chiropractic treatment designed to “reset” the hypothalamus.  Because most of the body is influenced by the hypothalamus, directly or indirectly, its health and balance are important to the function of your body. When a hypothalamus is out of balance, the results could include some of the following symptoms: 

Digestive problems

Food sensitivies

Food allergies

Improper sleep cycle

Unwanted weight gain or loss

Premature menopausal symptoms

Poor processing of sugar in the bloodstream

Thyroid imbalance

Hair loss

Adrenal fatigue

Chronic fatigue



And many other physical and mental health related concerns

Dr. Michael Chance began developing Chance HRT™ to help his son, Justin. Justin had gastroparesis, meaning that his brain signaled to his body that his stomach was full when it was not. Justin could only eat a few bites of food at a time, which led to hypoglycemia and even seizures. When no medical treatments were able to help, Dr. Chance began his research which eventually led to the development of his Hypothalamic Reset Technique. Because of Chance HRT™ Justin is now able to eat normally. Gastroparesis, hypoglycemia, and seizures no longer plague him.  Call us today to learn more about receiving Chance HRT™ treatment from Dr. Knight and Dr. Wells.