Our Specialties and Techniques

Our experienced chiropractors treat a range of conditions using highly-specialized techniques. Explore our available services and discover what method will best suit your individual needs.

Sports and Athletic Performance

You don’t have to suffer from chronic pain to benefit from chiropractic services. You may be experiencing frustration and noticing that something is keeping you from optimal performance

Pain Elimination

No one should have to greet each day with chronic pain. So often, we attempt to treat pain with medications, surgeries, and band-aids without really getting to the heart of the issue. We strive to help your body operate in the balanced state it was designed to operate in.


Our detoxification services aim to rid the body of impurities, parasites and toxins in an attempt to improve gut health and restore ideal brain and body function overall.

Nutritional Therapy

More and more people are coming to understand that so many of the health problems that plague them are a result of poor nutrition. Your body was not designed to thrive off of the highly processed diet so prevalent in the United States today.


We offer Neurofeedback services that are scientifically proven to fine-tune the brain and bring it back to a more balanced state. Improve attention, focus, and memory retention with this safe, drug-free, and non-invasive treatment.

Immunity Support

For those who are looking for an alternative form of immunity support, we offer Homeoprophylaxis kits. These kits are available in different options that cover everyone in the family, no matter how big or small, young or old.

What to Expect

At True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we combine expertise and skill that cover a range of chiropractic wellness practices. Dr. Jeffrey Knight, D.C. and Dr. Brighton Wells, D.C. are chiropractors who are dedicated to bringing each patient better health through treatment and education.

We offer a FREE screening to every patient to determine individual needs. Then, each patient receives an exam, which includes an analysis of the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and organ systems as needed.

Our family chiropractic care and services include:

Advanced Muscle Integration Techniques (IMAT) 

We activate weak muscles to restore total body balance and eliminate chronic pain

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Neurological Integration System (NIS)

Re-establish neural connections and improve the efficiency of muscle function.

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Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT)

This traditional, hands-on approach realigns the bones and joints for an improved range of motion.

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At True North Chiropractic & Wellness, we provide real results without breaking the bank. Take a closer look at each of the services we provide to see how we can help you!