Enhancing Nutritional Therapy

Our detoxification program works in tandem with nutritional therapy to maximize your body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. Because toxins often inhibit, or even sabotage, the systems of the body – including the nervous system, endocrine system (hormone control and balancing), digestive system, cardiovascular system, genitourinary system and the immune system, detoxification is a preferred option for individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses. True North Chiropractic promotes healthy systems as well as gut health through processes including enzyme supplements, nutrition coaching, and detoxification.

What to Expect

Detoxification is a highly individual process. Some clients require a treatment period of two to three months, while others require six or more. The length of treatment depends on a number of important factors, such as severity of current conditions, age, weight, toxification levels, and existing medical conditions or medications. Motivation, patience and persistence are crucial characteristics needed especially when there may be chronic conditions that have overwhelmed you and your life. In a world where we have the ‘quick fix’ solutions and mentality, it can be difficult to follow through with your treatment plan. It will likely require you to change some habits and lifestyle practices. Please choose not to be ‘comfortable with being uncomfortable,’ but remember you and your health is the best investment you could ever make. You are worth it! When you arrive at our clinic, our specialist will ask questions to create an outline of your exposure to toxins. An extensive toxin test through muscle testing and/or labs will provide additional information for creating your treatment plan.  

Detoxification Explained

The body is designed to perform and function optimally, however, due to frequent exposure to toxins and other insults on the body’s innate ability to thrive, ideal function can be difficult. Proper detoxification is necessary and an important piece of helping support individuals at any stage in life, especially if they have a chronic condition. Exposure to neurotoxins such as glyphosate, toxic heavy metals, hidden infections, mold, bio-toxins, pesticides, herbicides, candida overgrowth, parasites, etc. can severely inhibit the body’s ability to function properly.

We safely and strategically support proper drainage, elimination, and downstream detox pathways such as the colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, and skin in order to effectively remove unwanted toxins and chemicals that negatively affect the brain and cells of the body.

Here are some of the key steps to proper detoxification:


Get the bowels moving (make sure you are eliminating toxins dumped into the intestines)


Prepare the rest of the body’s drainage systems/downstream detox pathways (liver, kidneys, lymph, lungs, skin) Identify the problem through testing.


Reduce inflammation throughout the body (diet, fasting, proper nutrition.)


Detoxification of toxic substances with proper binders (byproducts from micro-organisms like ammonia, environmental toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, etc.)


Eradicate any harmful micro-organisms (bacteria, fungus/yeast, viruses, parasites.) Replenish & Maintain your internal terrain and mitochondria.


Replenish & Maintain your internal terrain and mitochondria.

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