I had an amazing experience at True North Chiropractic. Didn’t think anyone could help me with knee pain. I’m 63 years old. Doctors have told me for the years that I need both knees replaced. Dr Wells worked with me. No cracking or popping. Just muscle activation. My goal was at some point to be able to stand up from a sitting position, without having to use my hands to support me, which I haven’t been able to do for a number of years. I didn’t expect it to happen on my first visit. But it did. Amazing. I got up with no assistance from my hands from every chair in his office and in the front office that day. Different heights and types of chairs. My knees felt strong. No pain. That was over a month ago. My knees stiffened up again after a few days and the pain returned, but he had told me there was more work we needed to do. I am continuing to work with Dr Wells to keep the muscles activated. I am steadily improving. I now stand from sitting position about 20 times a day. I’m not lying when I say it takes some work on my part. but I’ve had an amazing experience. I didn’t know I could get this point. And I’m not headed to surgery anytime soon. I have hope. I highly recommend True North Chiropractic. Dr wells is amazing. The entire staff is amazing.”

Julia Combs

Google Reviews

"Dr. Knight is a miracle worker and has been helping me and my partner heal our bodies in ways I never thought possible. As humans, we get so tied up thinking that there is only one way to heal, or we’re toast, but the truth is.. there are a multitude of options available and in my 32 years of life, no one knows the options better than Dr. Knight. He is dedicated to remaining up to speed with current technologies and resources available to serve others as not only a chiropractor, but a healer. “He’s not just a chiropractor” - someone else had this in their review, and it was originally what brought us to his office. I’m so grateful to whomever wrote that review. I choose Dr. Knight because he truly cares about you as a human being and his purpose is to heal you. Choose him to help you!."

Melissa H.

"Dr. Knight is amazing. I’ve been having chronic issues with back pain and he has helped so much. I feel like I’m 10 years younger every time I leave! He also does so much more than just chiropractic and my partner and I both find ourselves saying “I don’t know why we haven’t mentioned this since you can help with pretty much everything” Do yourself a favor and just go see him. You won’t leave disappointed."

Devon D.

"Dr. Wells was fantastic! Been dealing with neck/back pain for about 5 months and he found the spot! Finally have hope! Definitely recommend him! 5+ stars!."

Kami S.