Though there is often a debate over whether chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy, the benefits pregnant women experience when receiving chiropractic care speak for themselves. Here are the top ten benefits of chiropractic care for a woman who is trying to get pregnant, and those who already are:

  1. Regular Menstrual Cycle. When trying to conceive this is important for figuring your ovulation days. Regular adjustments ensure optimal uterine function.
  2. Restores Balance. Seeking chiropractic treatments before pregnancy restores balance and prepares the body to carry the pregnancy.
  3. Restores Nerve Supply. Some couples who have thought they were infertile have sought out chiropractic care and had the nerve supply restored to their reproductive organs, allowing them to conceive when they had lost all hope.
  4. Reduced Need for Medication. According to recent studies, chiropractic adjustments help ease the pain of labor and reduce the need for pain medications by 50%.
  5. Reduced Active Labor Times. The same studies show that women who received chiropractic adjustments throughout their pregnancy experienced 24-39% shorter labor times on average.
  6. Back Pain Relief. Of those women undergoing chiropractic treatments, 84% experience relief from back pains associated with pregnancy.
  7. Fewer Chances for Back Labor. Chiropractic treatment reduces the likelihood of sharp contractions felt in your back-often referred to as back labor.
  8. Reduced Interference with the Birthing Experience: Reports of epidurals, vacuum extractions,  and forceps usage, episiotomies, and Cesarean Sections are significantly less when the mother has regular chiropractic visits during the pregnancy.
  9. Decreased Likelihood for Postpartum. Keeping your body at optimal health throughout the pregnancy makes postpartum less likely for new moms.
  10. More Comfortable Pregnancy & Delivery. 40 weeks is a long time to be uncomfortable! Dr. Knight can help pregnant women alleviate back pain and experience increased comfort levels during all three trimesters.

If you are seeking relief from back pain associated with pregnancy, call Dr. Knight today! When he helps you feel better, you may just claim him as your new best friend!