Welcome to True North Chiropractic, where our focus is on enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal without the use of medication or surgery.

Whether you’re seeking relief from a specific condition or aiming to enhance your general well-being, your first visit to the chiropractor is an important step along your health and wellness journey.

In this guide, we walk you through what you can expect during your initial visit to True North Chiropractic, ensuring you step in with confidence and clarity.

What to Prepare Beforehand

In preparation for your first chiropractic visit, it’s beneficial to jot down any questions or concerns you might have. Take a moment to reflect on your medical history, including past injuries, surgeries, and any medications you are currently taking. Be sure to inform the clinic of any health issues, as this will assist in tailoring a program specific to your needs.

Understanding the Consultation and Examination

Upon arrival, the first part of your visit consists of a one-on-one consultation with the chiropractor. Here, you’ll discuss your health goals, and the chiropractor will carry out a comprehensive examination. This can include tests of movement, orthopedic and neurological assessments, as well as order any necessary X-rays to understand your spinal health clearly.

Exploring Your Treatment Options

Once the examination is completed, the chiropractor will discuss their findings with you and provide a detailed treatment plan. This plan often includes muscle activation and chiropractic adjustments designed to realign the spine, reduce interference with the nervous system, and promote the body’s natural healing process. You’ll be informed about the nature of these adjustments, what they aim to achieve, and how many sessions you may need to start noticing improvements.

The First Step Towards Healing

Upon leaving True North Chiropractic, you’ll better understand how chiropractic care works, the role it can play in your health, and what steps are needed to ensure you make the most of it. Remember, each person’s experience is unique, just as our bodies are, and Dr. Knight and Dr. Wells are committed to guiding you through this personalized approach to wellness. If you’re ready to discover the benefits of chiropractic care, book your first appointment today and take the first step toward a healthier you.