A Growing Problem

From a parents perspective, with neurological and learning disorders affecting almost one in five children today, it is safe to say there is nothing more important than opening awareness to all the possible factors that are impacting so strongly to affect so many children in this way.

The price of medical ignorance is just too high when you think of all the suffering and lost opportunity through lost neurological potential. And with the medical profession so ready to step in and force us to drug and further poison our children if they are not hitting benchmark learning and behavior levels, literally we have an emergency situation that no parent can afford to ignore.

The Underlying Cause – Toxicity at the Cellular Level

According to new research by Dr. Martin Pall, it appears that there is no difference in biochemistry at the cellular level. Autistic children, like neurotoxic adults with unexplainable illnesses, all have an increased level of oxidative stress and inflammation. This is due to abnormal levels of nitric oxide and its cell-damaging free radicals.

It is imperative to address toxicity because it is an underlying cause of the vicious cycle of oxidative stress and inflammation which occurs in different organ cells in the body. The fact that this vicious cycle occurs in certain cells and not others gives an explanation of a variety of symptoms in both children and adults.

Chemical interference, or what we might refer to as chemical subluxation, is at the root of many of the challenges that are experienced in children on the autism spectrum. Toxins accumulate from the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the environment we live in, and while they’re invisible and insidious, they’re hazardous to everyone’s health.

These chemicals in everything from pesticides to airplane exhaust find their way into the cells of the body and begin a gradual breakdown that manifests as symptoms or signals that the body may be breaking down at the cellular level.

There is Hope for Change

Now for the really good news! Through a groundbreaking program, an age-old approach to releasing energy blockages combined with the newest science revealing our ability to alter genetic expression, and to safely and effectively detox the brain we’re able to provide a system for True Cellular Detox™.

This approach to health restoration supports the underlying foundation of your child’s natural ability to heal itself, bringing back the sense of wellness and well-being he or she longs for.

The solutions are not complicated, and the evidence has unfolded. Patients experiencing TRUE Cellular Detox (detoxification at the cellular level, unlike the off-the-shelf colon, liver, and kidney cleanses) find their insomnia becomes a thing of the past. Mood elevates. Productivity returns. Feelings of joy return. Every system of the body begins to function better. The human machine simply begins working as it was intended. All we have to do is remove the interference.

Come Learn How We Can Help

At our free workshop I’ll show you how … on Tuesday, February 20th, from 6:00-7:00pm!

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Let’s, together, understand your desires for the future, and consider how we can best remove the interference that has created your child’s health compromise. After a brief conversation, we, together, can determine if the proven, science-backed True Cellular Detox™ program is for you and your family.