True North Chiropractic and Wellness is excited to welcome Carrie Nash, owner of Meraki Therapeutic Bodywork, who will be offering therapeutic massage services in our office. Carrie has been practicing massage for over a decade as a way to heal her own chronic pain, and later became a massage therapist to help others experience the same benefits in their lives.

How Chiropractic & Massage Work Together

The benefits of massage in conjunction with chiropractic therapy have been the subjects of many studies. While chiropractic care is most often sought out for treatment of pain, the discipline focuses on not only relieving pain, but on treating the underlying cause. Similarly, massage therapy offers a hands on, drug free approach to healing that provides long lasting relief. Here are a few of the benefits that occur when the two are used together:

  1. Speedy Recovery: Both massage and chiropractic care focus on total body healing. Many patients who undergo both treatments will experience a quicker path to recovery as all structures of the body affected by pain are addressed and treated.
  2. Less Likely to Resist Adjustments: When a patient receives a massage before chiropractic treatments, the body is more relaxed and less likely to resist chiropractic care. This allows treatment to be more successful.
  3. Improved Flexibility: Injuries can cause not only pain, but also a reduced range of motion. Chiropractic treatments increase comfort and mobility, and massages are able to help improve the flexibility of the soft tissues affected from injuries.
  4. Enhanced Blood flow: Massage therapy has been known to improve circulation, and chiropractic relieves pressure on the nerves. Together they reach deeper into the body systems and promote natural healing.
  5. Improved Posture: Working together, chiropractors & massage therapists can realign the body, relax the muscles and promote total body wellness. Part of this process is improving a patient’s posture, and even arthritis or fibromyalgia conditions.

Total Body Wellness

As a wellness center, True North is excited to have Carrie practice at our office. Her services include therapeutic massage, R&R massage and Craniosacral therapy. For more information, questions or to schedule your massage, contact Carrie directly (801) 837-4700.