What does it mean to be lucky? Do you control your fate, or do you let fate control you? Can you change your luck by changing your attitude?

A King, a Peasant, and a Boulder

There is a story that shows lucky people are those who master the power of positive thinking. A king places a large boulder in the main road and watches from a nearby tree. Throughout the day the king witnesses a squire, a monk, and nobleman’s family all come through the road. The squire curses mother nature and scoffs at the inconvenience of maneuvering his horse through the brush. The monk curses God and the king when his cart tumbles over as he goes around. The nobleman and his footman take one attempt to push the boulder then give up. The family argues for half an hour until they decide to turn their carriage around and go home.

Just before sunset, a peasant boy comes upon the rock. He is returning home to pick more vegetables to sell at tomorrow’s market. The boy looks at the giant rock and sighs. A few thoughtful moments later, with a look of determination on his face, the boy grabs a fallen limb and a smaller stone. Using leverage he eventually moves the boulder out of the way and notices a pouch where the boulder had been. He picks it up, sees it’s full of gold coins, and reads the note inside, “Good luck comes to those who are willing to make it for themselves.” The boy immediately praises his find and quickly rushes home to share the great news.

Positive Thoughts Produce Positive Outcomes

A popular watered down version of Buddha’s ideals on the power of our thoughts is, “What you think, you become.” It makes sense. Our thoughts fuel our attitude. Our attitude shapes our values, which become our belief system. Our belief system is mirrored in our behavior, becoming a part of who we are. When we go about our lives believing only in bad or good luck, we miss opportunities to see how our thoughts and choices direct our course. Two people can be on the exact same path. One may see every bump and bend as a hassle, proving the universe is out to get him. The other may see them as opportunities for learning and growth.

Positive People are also Proactive People

If there is such a thing as good luck, the power of positive thinking is what opens the door to it. When we believe in good things, good things will tend to happen, or at least we make good things happen, even out of the bad. This thinking also affects our health. Frederick Lenz said, “The most powerful force to maintaining a good immune system is the power of positive thinking and not allowing yourself to be unnecessarily drained emotionally by worries and fears.”

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