Anyone who has been to a chiropractor before has heard the word subluxation, but what does it mean?

Subluxation Defined

A subluxation occurs when one or more of the bones in your spine moves out of alignment and creates stress on the spinal nerves that exist between each vertebrae. The pressure placed on these nerves can affect their ability to receive signals from the brain, and affect their functionality. Subluxations can be silent as not all of them will cause symptoms right away. In fact, only 18% of  all nerve fibers in the human body are designed to produce pain when that nerve is being pinched.

Subluxation Effects on the Body

Since your nervous system controls all the body functions, when the nerve abilities to function are compromised, parts of the body will not be receiving proper messages, and will not be functioning at 100%. Subluxation robs the body of its ability to focus, think, organize and heal.

Subluxations can occur from physical stress including car accidents, slips, sports injuries, improper lifting, and stress. Grief, anger and negative emotions that cause stress on the muscles can cause subluxations. Chemicals and toxins can lead to subluxations including smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, toxins from your environment and lack of proper nutrients in your food.

How Chiropractic Care can Help

Chiropractors are specially trained to locate subluxations on the spine and correct them through spinal alignments. By correcting subluxations, the stress on your nerves will be eliminated, and function of the nervous system will be restored. Regular visits to the chiropractor for spinal alignments can keep your spine in working order. Dr. Knight can also help answer any of your questions about subluxations, and their effects on your overall health.