Detoxing of the body is something that is always happening, whether we are aware of it or not. The body contains organs specifically devoted to removing waste and keeping our body as toxin-free as possible. The liver is the primary detox organ, but is supported also by the kidneys, intestines, lungs, and skin. However, for an Autistic Individual there are additional things that you can do to ensure a full detox. Below we explain the three phases that we work on with Autistic Individuals that come to our office.


Phase One of Detox: The Prep Phase- This is where we open up the downstream detox pathways such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, lymphatic system, and the cell membrane to help assist proper and safe removal of the toxins. This Prep Phase is the equivalent of most detoxes available in the stores, but it’s not sufficient to truly detox the cells or the brain.


– Phase Two of Detox: The Body Phase- This is where we begin to pull toxins out of the body such as mold and parasites, heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminum and other unwanted toxins like chemicals or pesticides. We strategically create a concentration gradient as the more superficial toxins in the tissues and organs get removed and the deeper toxins come up to the surface. One key component of this part of the detox is to use true binders so that we can be confident that the toxins get bound up like a ball going into a catcher’s mitt and then gets escorted out of the body. This is a crucial step that often gets forgotten with other detoxes.


– Phase Three of Detox: The Brain Phase- This is where “the magic happens.” What other detox is out there that can safely remove toxins from the brain? This is such an important phase because the main hormone centers of the body are found in the brain (Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland). And unfortunately, there are multiple toxins that accumulate in the brain causing hormone and degenerative challenges not to mention stress on the nervous system. This phase requires different on and off cycles with specific supplements designed to scour the brain and the tissues to pull the more deep rooted toxins. As the body gets rid of the interference that is keeping it from functioning at its best it is amazing to see how things begin to get back “on track” and function returns. The body’s innate intelligence knows what to do if we give it a chance!


If you would like further information on the Three Phases of Detoxing please reach out to our office at 801-447-1647.