As the Summer Solstice rolls around there is a renowned appreciation of the opportunities warmer weather provides. Whether it’s attending a sporting event, taking a nature hike, or hanging out at a barbeque, as the days get longer, so does your time spent outside. As the peak of summer approaches it’s important not to lose sight of staying healthy and protecting yourself for environmental hazards. Following these 5 simple tips will help keep your body safe and performing at its best.

1. Get Up and Get Going

Long summer days mean warmer weather earlier in the day. You don’t have to get up when the sun does, but don’t procrastinate your mornings. Whether you are a runner or a gardener, getting out early will keep you safe from the hottest hours of the day and gets your energy flowing. Remember to fuel up on a good breakfast so you don’t binge snack later in the day.

2. Hydrate to Stay Active

Drink, drink, drink! Keep your body working at optimal capacity by staying hydrated. Besides injury, nothing slows your body down faster then not being properly hydrated. Dehydration is 100% preventable. Plus, staying hydrated can help prevent certain injuries, like muscle strain.

3. Sunscreen Is a Must

Protecting your skin isn’t just about avoiding sunburns. Thinking long term, applying sunscreen will protect you from harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging of the skin and cancer. It’s just not worth the risk. Apply liberally and often, especially if you are sweating or doing water sports.

4. Resist Food No-No’s

Summer is a social season and a high time for consuming unwanted calories. Balance your indulgence and always keep a healthy, light snack on hand to prevent giving into unhealthy cravings. We aren’t saying you can’t enjoy a hot dog at the ballpark, but be aware of what you are eating so you can counter-offer your body the proper nutrition it needs to stay in the game.

5. Continue Chiropractic Care

The truth is you expect a lot from your body during the summer months. You have the motivation to move and push yourself beyond previous limits. You also want to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer. You look forward to being with friends and family throughout the season and doing the things you love. This can cause strain on your body, particularly your spine. Keep your back and whole body strong and active by having routine spine alignments. Your body will thank you and, in return, will keep you performing at your best.

During the Summer Solstice the sun reaches its highest altitude. Why not commemorate this event by reaching yours. Having a spine alignment with Dr. Knight at True North Chiropractic will give you the lift you need to enjoy your summer and live it to the fullest. Call today for an appointment.