Have you ever spent all afternoon stringing Christmas lights on your home, only to plug them in and find they are not working? This situation is frustrating as the best remedy is to look at each light individually to find where the disconnect is happening and either tighten or replace that bulb to restore function to the strand. But, what does this have to do with our bodies?

Just as one non-functioning bulb can cause the whole strand not to work, one part of our body that is not receiving proper communication from the brain can cause a whole slew of symptoms to appear in the body. Through Dr. Knight’s new Neurological Integration System (NIS), he is able to find the disconnect happening within the body and restore it to it’s proper function to get the body working at optimum level once again.

How Does NIS Work?

Through a series of muscle tests, Dr. Knight relies on the brain to tell where the disconnect is happening. Dr. Knight will ask, “Is the signal between the brain and the liver getting through?” If the muscle stays strong, then this signal is fine and that part of the body is working as it should. If, however, the muscle goes weak, then the body has manifested where the disconnect is happening, and signaling that part of the body may not be functioning properly.

Dr. Knight is then able to help the brain reset and restore the signal to the body by tapping a specific part of the skull. This not only restores the signal to the body, but will also help resolve the symptoms you are experiencing.

Who Can Benefit from NIS?

Because this unique approach relies on the intelligence of the brain instead of medication, exercise, diet or manipulation, the practice is safe and non-invasive; making it perfect for the whole family. From the infant to the very aged and the very sick to the injured, all people can benefit from having their body function at optimum levels. NIS has been used to treat a range of ailments including allergies, asthma, back pain, colic, chronic fatigue, depression, digestion issues, skin problems, migraines, sleep disorders, and more.

Just like working with that strand of broken Christmas lights can be frustrating, so can it be when your body is not functioning at optimum levels. For more information on how Dr. Knight’s newest system can help you, call our office today for a free consultation!