While some people still think of chiropractic care as a relatively new medical field, the practice of spinal alignments dates back to Hippocrates. As a Greek physician in 367 BC, Hippocrates wrote in one of his journals, “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.” This knowledge developed over time, but began to take gain momentum in the United States in 1895. 

Deafness, Heart Trouble & Chiropractic

History says that D.D Palmer was a magnetic healer in the late 19th Century. He was called on by a man named Harvey Lillard who had gone deaf in one ear, and was hoping the powers of the healer could restore his healing. After more questioning, Palmer found that Lillard had been working in a stooped position, felt something give in his back and was immediately deaf. Upon examination, Palmer found a vertebrae that was severely out of its normal position and worked it back into place. Lillard’s hearing was instantly restored.

Soon after this discovery and miraculous healing, Palmer had a case of heart trouble that was not improving. Again, he began by examining the spine and found a displaced vertebra pressed against the very nerves that trigger the heart. After adjusting the spine, immediate relief from the heart condition followed, and Palmer reasoned that if two cases that were not at all similar in nature could both be cured by re-positioning the vertebra in the spine, that other diseases could also be cured by proper spinal alignments.

After these discoveries, and intensive investigative research, Palmer coined the term “chiropractic” from two Greek words “cheiros” and “praktikos” meaning “with hands.” He went on to found the Palmer School of Chiropractic which is one one of the most prominent colleges for chiropractic today.

Furthering the Practice

Chiropractors have continued to expand the research and theories of Palmer for ages. One of the most recent discoveries in the field of Chiropractic is that of Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT). This discovery, founded by Dr. Craig Buhler, focuses on the interrelationships between muscles function, range of motion and restriction that lead to pain.

Dr. Buhler is best known for his work treating professional and Olympic athletes. He was the team chiropractor serving the Utah Jazz for 26 years, leading to them having the lowest PMGI (Player Missed Games Due to Injury) in the entire NBA. AMIT focused on finding the root of the problem and treating it.

Dr. Knight is one of few certified AMIT practitioners in the state of Utah, and was trained at the hand of Dr. Buhler himself. If you are experiencing pain contact us today for a free screening to see how our services can benefit you!