The air is stirring with festive excitement as the upcoming holidays near and gatherings with family and friends will most likely include tantalizing holiday food just waiting to be deliciously devoured. For many of you though, ensuring your holidays remain healthy may have crossed your mind, in spite of the smorgasbord of treats.

Rest assured you can enjoy a healthy holiday without gaining the extra pound (or two) that seems to be synonymous with the holiday by following a few simple tips:

Savor Gathering Time

Completely immerse yourself in socializing with family and friends. It’s easy to get caught up looking forward to glorious festive foods you only see this time of year, but healthy holidays are all about being with our loved ones. Fully engage yourself in socializing at the gathering and, as a result, you’ll slow down your eating pace and recognize when you’ve had enough to eat.

Only Eat What You Love

You are going to encounter a medley of everything tempting, savory, and divine in the taste department, but know you don’t have to eat everything during your healthy holidays! See what entices you and makes your mouth water, only putting those items on your plate. Don’t waste calories on items that don’t make your taste buds leap for joy.

Just because certain foods only appear around the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to eat them. Pecan pie or eggnog not really your thing? Don’t cave into the pressure to eat something you don’t absolutely love just because you won’t see it for another year.

Banish Guilt

Rich meals and sweet treats known for making the holidays happy can still be a part of your healthy holiday – without guilt. Allow yourself a day for indulgence, without going overboard, and then get back on track the next day.

Don’t Extend the Holidays

Make sure your Thanksgiving feast doesn’t extend over the weekend and into December as all of the Christmas parties come forth. Give yourself one day a week for the holiday food extravaganza, but then boot yourself into a normal routine afterwards for a healthy holiday.

Don’t Skimp on Non-Holiday Meals

It may seem like a good idea to skip breakfast the day of Thanksgiving or skimp on eating a nutritious lunch the day of a big party, but be warned: Those ‘techniques’ can backfire! Skipping or skimping can leave you in worse shape when you find yourself at the party overindulging, ravenous from hunger.

Keep Moving

Make sure to keep up an active lifestyle throughout your healthy holidays. Think about taking the fun outside with your friends and family: go ice skating, sledding, shovel the snow in the neighborhood, play football, or go for a walk. If weather keeps you indoors, visit a local gym or community center.

Call on a Professional

If you find yourself in pain from any of your activities, or need an adjustment after pulling out the snow shovel for the first time this season, be sure to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Knight at True North Chiropractic right away!