How much do you really know about your feet?

The fact is, that feet are the foundation of our bodies and, just like in a building, without a strong foundation to stand on, the rest of the body could crumble. Here are a few facts you should know about your feet to help you understand the importance of caring for them:

  1. Bare Bones: 1/4 of the bones in the human body are housed in the foot. On top of the that, the feet feature over 60 joints and 200 muscles and ligaments that all need to be cared for to maintain a strong bodily foundation.
  2. It Takes More than a Pedicure: When you consider the load your feet are called to bear on a daily basis, it takes more than the occasional pedicure, foot massage and nail clipping to maintain them. Wearing comfortable, supportive shoes that are properly fitted, and taking time off the feet throughout the day are ways to show your feet some love.
  3. Sweaty Sneakers: Along with all the bones, muscles and ligaments housed in the foot, the feet are also home to over 250,000 sweat glands making them the third sweatiest place on the body after the scalp and hands. Allowing your feet to breath by wearing open shoes or going barefoot when possible is another way to care for the feet.
  4. Getting on Your Nerves: We’ve already talked about some of the main components of the foot, but what we haven’t mentioned is that the sole of each foot contains over 100,000 nerve endings. These nerves signal the brain when you are stepping on something uncomfortable and the body adjusts to reduce joint impact.
  5. Toenails Tell All: Many health conditions can be determined by the health of the toenail including anemia (spoon shaped indentations in the nail bed), Poor blood circulation (hairless toes), psoriasis (nail surface has pits).
Why Are Feet Concerning to a Chiropractor?

Since the feet are the foundation of the body, if something is not functioning properly in the feet, it has the potential to throw off the alignment of the total body. 80% of Americans suffer from foot imbalance by the time they are 20, usually due to fallen arches. This means that the stress of carrying the body that was absorbed by the feet will now cause undue stress on the rest of the body. Many studies even show that adding custom orthotics to your shoes to improve posture can also aid in the treatment of lower back, hip and even neck pain!

At True North Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we are focused on total body health. Since the feet are at the foundation of the body, we encourage all patients to show their feet some TLC! Fore more information on caring for your feet, or for a chiropractic consultation, call our office today!