Athlete's Guide to Hip Mobility

Athlete Hip and Back MobilityDr. Jeff Knight of True North Chiropractic has recently come out with a YouTube video explaining how to do exercises to loosen hip flexors and relieve back pain.

In the video, Dr. Knight explains the placement of the hip flexor muscle, and how tightness of the muscle (often due to excessive sitting and desk work) can cause back pain. He then goes through simple exercises and stretches to increase hip mobility and alleviate pain that are appropriate for people of all fitness levels- from athletes to those who participate in very little physical activity.

The exercises demonstrated in the video are Frog Legs, Marching, Hip Flexion and Lunges. The exercises are demonstrated by CrossFit Games athlete, Tiffany Hendrickson.

This video demonstration is a part of a series of videos that Dr. Knight is providing to the public to answer common health questions and to help individuals that are seeking solutions for their pain, injuries and chronic conditions.

As you know, Dr. Knight offers a free screening and functional analysis to all new patients. If you know anyone that would benefit from his services, please share the good word!

Now, enjoy the video!