Dr. Jeffrey Knight of True North Chiropractic is quickly becoming the most sought after chiropractor in Kaysville for the way he cares for his patients and helps them achieve total body wellness.

Your Healing is in His Hands

While majoring in pre-med, Dr. Knight had many opportunities to volunteer in the ER and shadow doctors in different fields of medicine. While he respected what they were doing, he realized this was not his passion. Later, he learned about the chiropractic approach to healing and it was his calling in life. After graduating, he worked in several clinics and sporting events, and is now a highly sought after chiropractor in Kaysville, Utah.

Dr. Knight’s holistic approach to total body health focuses on treating and educating his patients without the need for medications and surgeries. He specializes in treating autistic and special needs children as well as athletes both on an elite level and the “weekend warrior.” Those who visit him for treatment walk in with pain, and walk out feeling refreshed. If you are searching for a chiropractor in Kaysville, you are in good hands with Dr. Knight.

Specialties & Services

Since he is focused on total body wellness, Dr. Knight offers more than routine chiropractic care. He specializes in:

  • Sports and Athletic Performance- Bringing you back to optimized health and increased performance
  • Pain Elimination-Finding the root of the pain and treating it without the need for medication
  • Nutritional Therapy- Restoring the body to optimum health through proper nutrition and replacing of enzymes
  • Autism & Broad Spectrum Disorders- Focusing on the nervous system to restore connectivity between the brain and the spine to help the body begin to treat itself. This treatment allows the child to sleep better and even become more social.

Can You Feel the Love?

Dr. Knight loves what he does, and it shows in the quality of care he provides to his patients! Here are a few things they have to say:

“He makes sure my muscles are firing so that I’m the fastest, strongest, fittest woman I can be. I’m very active, and often get hurt, but Dr. Knight puts me back together.”

“My son is on the spectrum for autism. We have done therapy since he was five years old, and he always went kicking and screaming and very frustrated, but with Dr. Knight he is the one asking to go because it makes him feel so much better. He is focusing, and getting better grades in school, he is now mainstream instead of resource, and is doing so well that people don;t even realize he’s autistic.”

“I went to Dr. Knight after sustaining a shoulder injury at Crossfit regionals in 2014. Due to his AMIT practive I was able to survive a year of some grueling training, nd stress on my body and successfully make it to the Crossfit games the following year.”

“If you’re looking for a chiropractor that really concentrates on your whole well being, total wellness, and injury prevention, this guy is your man!”

Dr. Knight is confident that his practices can make a difference in your life. If you are searching for a chiropractor in Kaysville, come experience the difference at True North Chiropractic! Call today for your FREE screening (801) 447-1647.