Meet Cory,

who would like to share his story,

about when he was new to the world of CrossFit,

and the pains in his shins that he would get.

Waking up from leg pain was no fun,

he knew something had to be done.

To Dr. Knight he flew in a hurry,

knowing he would feel better was not a worry.

Dr. Knight massaged, corrected and adjusted,

and soon Cory no longer felt busted!

The next day in his CrossFit class,

he was able to perform double unders in mass,

The absence of pain provided many smiles

and later Cory even ran for five miles!

Thank you Dr. Knight for performing your magic,

and providing only the best in chiropractic!


Whether you are a hard core CrossFitter, or go for a less intensive workout, all exercise can lead to injury when your muscles are not quite ready or properly cared for. If you are suffering from sore muscles or body aches after exercise, Dr. Knight can help. Through his use of the AMIT method, he is able to find the root cause of the muscle tension,  and get you back to performing at your best. This method allows Dr. Knight to find how the brain is engaging the muscle. If the connection between the brain and muscle is off, the stress goes somewhere else in the body, and this is typically the cause of pain and inflammation.

Dr. Knight takes the time to explain to each patient what is happening in their bodies to cause the pain, and how his techniques will get them back to performing at their optimum levels. After his appointment, Cory already felt better, but when he went to his next CrossFit class, was hesitant to perform the double unders again, wondering if it would cause more pain. To his surprise, he felt great all through the exercise, and through his regular run later in the week.

If, like Cory, you are in pain, give our office a call and experience relief for yourself. You may be left wondering if Dr. Knight it truly a chiropractor, or if he is some kind of magician!