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Experience The True North Difference


At True North Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we emphasize total healing beyond “popping and cracking.” Our experts specialize in traditional chiropractic care as well as a number of holistic methods. Some of our unique services include Muscle Activation Techniques, 

Neurological Integration Systems, and neurofeedback, among others. Our chiropractic care can help  your health and well-being in a number of ways, including:

Optimized Athletic Performance

Our chiropractors assist all levels of athletes and sports enthusiasts in boosting their performance by improving their range of motion and preventing injuries. Let True North Chiropractic correct your body’s imbalances and restore optimal function.

Freedom From Chronic Pain

Many of our patients have struggled with chronic pain for most of their lives and have sought help from other professionals prior to visiting our office. We restore muscle function, skeletal alignment, and neurological function, minimizing or eliminating the chronic pain that has plagued our clients for years.

Autism Management

Dr. Knight has created a non-profit organization to help individuals and families that suffer from Autism (ASD). Our goal is to empower families in their journey of helping their child with autism. Here is the link to check out his non-profit The Autism Wellness Center of Utah


Feel Better With Improved Nutrition and Detoxification

Proper nutrition can often free the body from chronic conditions. Food enzymes help our bodies maximize nutrient absorption and utilization. Enzymes are absent from highly-processed food, so the diets of most Americans lead to enzyme deficiencies. Also toxic metals, chemicals, mold can be a huge interference to allowing the body to heal and function the way it is meant to. Contact us to help you heal and achieve optimal health.

We’re Here to Help

Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have about our services or to schedule an appointment. Come in for a consultation and discover how we can help your body regain better performance and make improvements towards optimal function.