Your child is complaining of an earache. Running to the doctor for an antibiotic may not always be the answer.

How Can A Chiropractor Heal Ear Pain?

According to the American Chiropractic Association, ear infections are the number one reason for visits to the pediatrician and account for 35% of pediatric doctor visits. Though standard treatment is with antibiotics, chiropractic treatment can help the ears to drain as they should, restore proper function, and allow the body to heal itself.

The neck consists of seven vertebrae stacked on top of each other with a cushion in between each. When you experience neck pain, these vertebrae are not moving as they should. When the neck is restricted in motion, it can have negative effects on many parts of the body including the nervous system, and the function of sensory organs including the ears. With a slight adjustment, Dr. Knight restores function to the neck which allows the nervous system to then heal itself.

What Else Helps to Eliminate Ear Aches?

Ear aches can be caused by any number of reasons including bacterial infections. However, when your body is working as it should, it will naturally relieve the pain. Other tips for restoring function and alleviating pain from the ears is to adjust your diet. Eliminate dairy for at least a week and avoid sugar to help rid the body of the infection. Though there are times when an antibiotic may be necessary, restoring your body to its proper alignment is a better place to start.

If someone in your family is suffering from ear pain, call Dr. Knight today to help restore your body to its proper function!