Is Bed Wetting a Problem in Your Home?

If there is a child in your life suffering from embarrassment over a bedwetting issue, Dr. Knight may be able to help.

Though a trip to the chiropractor is rarely thought of as a solution for this issue, combining chiropractic care with a targeted nutrition program can make bedwetting become a thing of the past. While some people will just throw a diaper on the child and tell them to wear it until they grow out of the problem, this is not always the answer. The problem may be caused by an underlying issue.

If your child’s spine is misaligned, it could be causing nerve irritation. This irritation would then disrupt the proper function of the organs including the bladder, and lead to involuntary leaking. By adjusting the spine and restoring the body to its proper pH levels, we can ensure your child’s body is functioning the way it should be. This hands on approach may be the most beneficial for your child.

No more embarrassment and fears of wetting the bed to keep your child home from slumber parties, scout camp, family vacations or other over night stays. Eliminating the embarrassment of wearing a diaper to bed, or waking up in wet sheets can be critical for your child’s self esteem. If you have found other methods of treatment for bedwetting to be unsuccessful, or are just starting your search for help, call Dr. Knight today!