When they hear the word “chiropractor,” most people will think caring for the back. Actually, a chiropractor’s main goal is to help their patients achieve optimum health throughout the whole body. From head to toe, a chiropractor can help eliminate pain.


The number one cause of pain in adults, can be eliminated by better lifestyle choices, but since many of us continue to eat poor diets, are inactive or work jobs where we sit for long periods of time, and have lots of stress, a chiropractic visit can help. Headaches are caused by tension in the spine, This tension can be released through a chiropractic adjustment, and the frequency of headaches can be diminished.

Neck Pain

When there is tension in the back, it can travel all the way up and cause literal pains in the neck. These pains are eliminated through spinal alignment and restoring balance to your body.

Back Pain

The most common reason to seek out chiropractic care. When balance is restored and proper alignment is achieved, pain is eliminated and greater flexibility is enjoyed.

These are the three most common ailments that people seek out chiropractic care for. However, since the body is a system of interacting parts, injuries can cause stress on the body and create a functional imbalance.

Dr. Knight specializes in restoring balance to the body after injury, and in the elimination of pain. Through discovering where the imbalance is taking place and correcting it, future injuries and pain can be avoided.