Guest Post by Janelle Misbach, CEO KickFire Marketing


Dr. Knight and I first crossed paths three years ago, and I am so thankful we did! I can honestly say he has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made! He’s kept me in peak performance and put me back together after my many crazy adventures. I’m a firm believer in all his techniques because I’ve experienced them, and can personally attest to their effectiveness. He’s used his metal tool to help break up and eliminate scar tissue after one of my many crashes. He’s cured me, my children, my family and friends multiple times from headaches, backaches, earaches, colds, and more through his adjustments and supplements. He’s activated almost every single muscle on my body so that I can crush all my workouts and my competitors. I can’t even begin to tell you how effective his methods are in enhancing my athletic performance and my overall health and well-being.



I could go on and on about Dr. Knight, but I won’t. I do, however, want to quickly recount the most recent miracles he’s worked on my behalf.


Last month, I ran the Morgan Valley Marathon. I know many people who run marathons, but I’m not one of them. I don’t enjoy running long distances. I find it rather boring. But the idea of running a marathon was something on my bucket list… I didn’t, however, relish the idea of training for one. So I decided I would just do something wild and crazy. I would simply show up the morning of the race and run it. My goals were simple–run the whole race and finish in under 5 hours. That’s it!


Now, keep in mind that the farthest I’d ever run in my life prior to the race was 10 miles–and that was over 14 months ago. I told Dr. Knight what I planned to do, and I confessed that even though most people thought I was crazy, I knew I’d be fine because I had him to put me back together. You see, that’s what he’s been doing for me for several years now, so I knew whatever damage I did do, he’d undo.




And he did! My hips paid a heavy price for running 26 miles without training. Honestly, I did just fine up until mile 18. They tightened up in a bad way and I felt like an old, arthritic woman who was trying to run with a severely restricted stride. It slowed my time down, but I still never quit running. I ended up finishing 2nd in my age group (30-39) with a time of 4 hours, 42  minutes and 19 seconds. I came home and took an ice bath and anxiously awaited my Monday morning appointment with Dr. Knight.


He worked mightily on my hips with his AMIT and NIS techniques. He even used his new fascia stimulating tool. I couldn’t believe the difference! I wasn’t back to 100%, but I could walk with less pain and continue my CrossFit workouts. I was nervous during my marathon that I wasn’t going to be able to climb King’s Peak as planned in two weeks time. But, thanks to Dr. Knight, I was able to summit. The 26 mile hike definitely re-aggravated my hip and led to some knee and foot problems on my left side. I’m sure it was a result of my body compensating for my less than full recovery and my injured hip.




After King’s Peak, I needed to recover fast because I had the Spartan Beast race rapidly approaching. Dr. Knight never scolded me for not slowing down. He let me tell him all about my next epic adventure and then we both went to work to get my body ready. I diligently followed his exercises and kept my weekly appts. He activated every muscle I needed and got my brain talking to my muscles using his neurological knocking (that’s my fancy pants name for NIS).


The day before my Spartan Race I was feeling much improved and knew I’d be able to compete and do pretty darn decent. I also knew I’d be able to come back from Breckenridge and have Dr. Knight continue his work in helping my body fully recover.


Well, miracle of miracles, my hip, knee and foot held all the way until mile 7. That was halfway through the race. I was ecstatic. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as my marathon and I was able to push through to a first place finish in my age group, and a 5th place overall female finish. Out of the 3000+ runners, I placed 40th (that includes the men). I was very pleased with my performance. The coolest thing was that my hip was sore, but my knee and foot were not. And the soreness of my hip was not nearly as bad as I expected it would be. Dr. Knight’s techniques not only had a restorative, ameliorating effect, but a preventative, protective effect as well. It really was all quite remarkable.




I can’t thank Dr. Knight enough for all he has done and continues to do to keep me healthy and active. I don’t ever want to imagine a time where I’m not coming in for my weekly adjustments. It’s an investment in my health and future I won’t neglect.


Finally, one of the things I love best about Dr. Knight is how much he truly cares about me and my health, the health of his other clients, and the health and happiness of his entire community. I will always be forever grateful that our paths crossed. He’s been a true healer, helper and friend. I hope you will have the opportunity of experiencing his great skill if you haven’t yet already.

–Janelle Misbach