A chiropractor’s office is more than a place where people with bad backs go to seek relief. Dr. Jeff Knight of True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center is also an AMIT certified doctor and works with active people on injury prevention and improving performance. Currently, he is only one of 28 AMIT certified doctors in the country.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, or AMIT, is a system developed to treat common joint and muscle conditions in athletes and other active people. Dr. Knight identifies instabilities in the body that are most likely to lead to injuries. Then, he applies the advanced sports medicine therapies via AMIT procedures to correct those instabilities. The result is a reduction or elimination of pain, improved function and a boost in physical performance. AMIT can benefit everyone from athletes to active people to regular people.

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At your first appointment, Dr. Knight will review your medical history and get any adjustments necessary. Then, Dr. Knight will test your entire body’s muscles and assess instabilities. Finally, you’ll work together to develop a treatment plan to apply AMIT techniques to different muscles. Dr. Knight knows that you will be pleased with the results as your body responds and performs better.

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Top athletes and highly active people all over the world are seeking AMIT treatments, and you can to. Dr. Knight and True North Chiropractic staff are standing by to help you boost your physical performance, whether you hike, bike, play sports or simply want your body to be the best it can be.

For more information on AMIT or our other chiropractic services, please contact True North Chiropractic today. We look forward to meeting you.