Are you enjoying happy thoughts of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie? Perhaps you’ve even started listing the reasons you are grateful this Thanksgiving season. Whatever is filling your thoughts this turkey season, gobble on this novel idea; your mind is incredibly powerful, so alongside your Thanksgiving buffet, learn how to feast on the benefits of positive thinking.

How is Positive Thinking Good for Your Health?

The Mayo Clinic reports a number of ways your body sees the benefits of positive thinking such as increased stress management, boosted immunity, decreased depression, and a longer lifespan. Who knew you could access a whole cornucopia of healthy goodness just by positive thinking?

Although researchers don’t know exactly why our bodies react so well to positive thinking, you might as well enjoy the powerful ally of positive thinking. Now, don’t think you have to go around mimicking Pollyanna- though we won’t fault you if you do- but rather use positive thinking to find the bright side of your situation, even the unpleasant ones.

Practice Positive Thinking

While some people are born with a positive outlook on life, everyone — yes, you — can train your brain to start thinking positively to enhance your ability to enjoy life and hone your skills for handling any adventure in life.

Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Positive Thinking

1. Spend Time With Positive Thinkers – This Thanksgiving, seek out your cheery friends and family members. Their bright outlook on life can rub off on you and extend past the holiday season.

2. Smile More – Even if you have to fake it. Research suggests smiling can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure during stressful situations. Need some extra help? Turn on YouTube and indulge in some funny animal videos and watch your fake smile turn genuine.

3. Recognize a Positive Event Each Day – Truly savor the positive feelings you experienced. Can’t find a positive event in your day? Try reframing your events. Stressing about your lengthy to-do list? Appreciate your health that allows you to accomplish even one thing on your to-do list. Better yet, put gratitude at the top of your list and you can check off that item!

4. Practice Small Acts of Kindness Daily Studies actually show that when you help others, you are helping yourself too. Just small, simple acts of service will open up new avenues of happiness for you as you start thinking of others.

5. Make Time to Play – Carve out time to spend time doing something you love. Go ahead — play a game, play the guitar, or play with your kids. Your body will thank you.

Start Helping Your Health Today

Don’t wait until the turkey goes cold. Now is the time to gobble your way to happiness and enjoy the powerful health benefits of positive thinking. However, if pain is hindering your positive thinking despite your best efforts, call Dr. Knight today at True North Chiropractic to treat any of your pain or symptoms so you can truly enjoy the benefits of positive thinking.