Are you an athlete, a weekend warrior or an exercise enthusiast who has either been injured or wants to prevent injury? If you answered yes, Dr. Knight and his AMIT practice may be for you.

What is AMIT?

AMIT stands for Advanced Muscle Integration Technique and is a revolutionary advancement in the field of sports medicine. By using this technique, Dr. Knight is able to correct both minor and chronic joint pains experienced by athletes and restore function to the body. This treatment allows the body to heal itself without the need for medication and/or surgery. This technique is not a traditional approach to sports injuries, and some may even say it’s miraculous.

What Does AMIT Do?

The goal in AMIT therapy is to maximize and optimize an individual’s function, and get the nervous system communicating more clearly with the body. Through treating patients with this technique, Dr. Knight has witnessed them experience an increase in confidence, an ability to perform at higher levels, and not hold back due to symptoms, pain and discomfort.

Real Testimonials From Real Patients

“I went to Dr. Knight starting last year after I sustained a shoulder injury at regionals in 2014. Due to his AMIT practice, I was able to survive a year of some grueling training and some pretty serious stress on my body and successfully make it to the CrossFit Games in 2015.”– Adrian

“I’m not like some super incredible athlete by any means, but I am pretty active and I’m often getting hurt. Dr. Knight, he puts me back together.” –Janelle

“I was having some lower back issues right before going out to regionals and Dr. Knight was able to help me with the AMIT program and keep me healthy and get me back on the competition floor.”– Tiffany

If you lead an active lifestyle and are ready to help your body heal from a previous injury or prevent new ones, contact Dr. Knight today and experience the difference the AMIT technique can have on your performance!