At True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we treat people of all ages for a range of conditions. Our goal is to help everyone feel the best they can and give information on how to stay healthy and active. One of our younger patients, Jane, recently came in because of an earache and headache. Dr. Jeff Knight treated her with a few adjustments.

When Jane came in, Dr. Knight explained that he was going to check her neck and shoulders, and that sometimes the neck is restricted in motion. When that happens, it can affect the nervous system and up into the head, and even the sensory organs. Dr. Knight checked Jane’s right and left sides and found that she needed an adjustment on the right side to help her neck move better.

Because a visit to the chiropractor can be a little scary, Dr. Knight takes great care to explain to young patients what will be happening and what to expect. With Jane, he told her that she would hear some popping sounds in her neck, like popcorn, as he did the adjustment. After a few minutes of treatment, he told her that her neck will be moving better and that her body will feel better too.

After the adjustment, Dr. Knight recommended to Jane and her mother that she avoid dairy for a week and limit her sugar intake as well to help the body heal and get rid of any infection.

When asked about her visit to the chiropractor, Jane said that she felt good and that she liked getting her first adjustment. She reported later that her headache and earache were “good.”

If you are interested in bringing in your children or yourself for a free screening, please give us a call at True North Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Our phone number is 801-447-1647. We would love to help out all family members and look forward to helping you out too.

Dr. Jeffrey Knight, D.C. is a Kaysville Chiropractor providing chiropractic care to Kaysville, Layton, Farmington, Centerville and surrounding residents. As a chiropractor in Kaysville, UT, Jeffrey Knight, D.C. specializes in AMIT Muscle Activation, Sports Injuries, Neck & Back Pain, Auto & Work Accidents, Chronic Conditions & Functional Medicine & Rehab.

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Check out this video of Jane’s appointment with Dr. Knight here: