Millions of Americans each year seek relief from back pain. In fact, headaches are the only neurological ailment more commonly treated in the US. Through a chiropractor’s drug-free approach to wellness, you are on your way to optimum health.

Take time to “reboot”

Dr. Knight is a specialist in the advanced muscle integration technique (AMIT) and was personally taught by the father of the technique, Dr. Craig Buhler. Like a computer, sometimes your body needs to take a minute and reboot in order for all systems to communicate and work together. The AMIT approach to chiropractic care does just that as it ensures the brain and muscles are in good standing with one another. The reboot helps the body properly function and avoid any 404 redirects (pain).

Remember “Dem Bones” Song

By finding the root of the problem and working to correct it, healing can begin quicker and the need for surgery and/or medications can be dismissed. Contrary to popular belief, chiropractors are not just back practitioners. Their overall goal is to achieve optimal health, and therefore can also assist with pains in the neck, back, legs, ankles, knees, joints, wrists, feet, and arthritis associated pains. Basically, if it is covered in the bone song you learn in elementary school (the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone connected to the hip bone…) you will benefit from chiropractic care.
Receiving chiropractic care through this technique can get you back to the life you want to lead. If you are need of assistance with your chronic pain, Dr. Knight is only a phone call away!