Are you aware of your daily habits that may be contributing to your back pain and body aches? These ten habits are hurting your back, but with simple solutions you can help alleviate the pain before calling Dr. Knight for chiropractic care.

Problem: Sitting for extended periods of time. This places 40% more stress on the spine than standing

Solution: If you work at a job where you sit at a desk all day, get up every 30 minutes and allow yourself to stretch.


Problem: Stretching to reach your car pedals and steering wheel

Solution: Adjust your seat to a 90 degree angle to keep your spine aligned properly


Problem: 40% of people cut out exercise when suffering back pain

Solution: Speed up the healing process by taking a walk, doing some light stretches, and perhaps attempting the art of yoga,


Problem: Carrying purses or briefcases with excess weight as it causes the shoulders to be imbalanced

Solution: Maintain a safe carrying weight not to exceed 10% of your body weight


Problem: Unhealthy diet and excess weight are major culprits for back pain

Solution: Tighten up that diet, drink lots of water and cut out sugary drinks


Problem: Sleeping on a worn out mattress that allows your spine to sag

Solution: If you experience back pain, invest in a high quality firm mattress and replace every 5-7 years or when it begins to lack support


Problem: High Heels. Though they add style to any outfit they cause muscles in your back to work harder.

Solution: Purchase a cushioned insole and be sure not to walk long distances


Problem: Built up tension, anger and stress that lead to muscle tension

Solution: Discuss stress management with your doctor, and visit frequently for chiropractic care


Problem: Too much Tube time. 15 hours of TV viewing increases lower back pain 3 times

Solution: Get up and stretch during commercials, and cut back on your viewing pleasures


Problem: Ignoring back pain can make it worse

Solution: Call Dr. Knight for assistance in restoring total balance to your body